Sunday, August 28, 2011


we represent!
even if our football team isn't the best... (lost 19 to 3 ...)
go HHS and may this season turn out better than the previous.

i have so much pep in my step cause Hawks Fly Together.


m.estelle said...

tots cheesy...but at least you're cute?

also, why is the team so bad? maybe you should join? i could only help...

kittrean tanner said...

Yah, really. 19-3? maybe it's all the ego ..... too much confidence. You do look absolutely cute.... can't understand why the cheering section didn't give the Hawks enough pep in their step to get it together. :O

kittrean tanner said...

Wait.... I see someone's underwear. ;/ Good thing it isn't yours! :O

jessie dryden said...

haha cute (: