Saturday, March 24, 2012

Long time no see!

Life has been good to me lately!
-Over Spring Break we went to Vegas where I spent every last penny and am feeling the after affect. (poor and in debt)
-I went and saw Hunger Games on Thursday night with my friends.... awesome. It definitely wasn't as good as the book, but hey, aren't all book movies like that? 
-Noah wrote me a cute letter, addressed as Justin Bieber
-2 more of my friends got their licenses which mean, more rides for me!
-My 16th birthday is coming up!!
-And last but not least........ ESTEE AND JEREMY COME TO STAY IN 3 WEEKS! Oh man oh man am I excited! They will welcome summer 2012 ye yeah!



Natali Puga said...

Shoot girl. That header is rockin'.

kate said...

Your not allowed to be so cool at age 15.

Tyson French said...

It's official, your one of the most adorable girls I know!