Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy.

It's so easy to post on here, so why don't I do it? I really don't like disappointing future me.
anyway...present me is here to tell future me "Hey!" ... not really but you get the point.

Here's a little Easter collage, and i call it that because it has eggs and flowers on it. The girl with the braid has nothing to do with Easter, nor does the picture of birthday candles.
My sweet 16 is just around the corner, I can smell the... olderness? or excitement? (neither of which you can smell) Uhhhh and so I'm really pumped, mostly to drive which doesn't come for another two weeks after, but everybody, this is a major stepping point in my life. BOYZ, CARZ, THE OPEN ROAD!
Estee and Jermey will even be here to celebrate (actually they are coming for a wedding reception) but hey, maybe it's not a coincidence! 
I even have a countdown on my phone:

Anywho, while we're still on the subject of my birthday, I need some ideas for a party. Not something too big/expensive, something that includes boys and girls, something fun (not boring), and an idea that is just great. Alright, anybody have an idea after reading the requirements??
leave me a comment or something people! 
I'm off to enjoy the last 9 days of being 15, just kidding but I do have a life, because I do have the day off today! 

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