Sunday, June 10, 2012

summa summa summa time

Hallelujah for summer. Three cheers and a hip hip hooray just doesn't cut it! I am riding the stress-free wave of this wonderful season and man does it feel great!
So many adventures have already happened and I can tell that this summer is gonna be off da chain.
-Estee and Jeremy are home
-Mallory and I have many crafts planned (see bleached shorts above)
-My friends have so many fun ideas stored away for every dull moment
-I'm finally making the move downstairs and decorating the room
-I can drive (which makes my life 110% better)

basically I'm pumped and ready to go. HOLLA


j.peri said...

I am glad that you now having a driver's license and that it bumped up your life to 'better' by a mere 10%. :)

j.peri said...

J.Peri did not say that last comment nor this comment ... her mama is chattin' here.