Saturday, December 8, 2012

Are Y'all Ready for This?

Who's ready for an overload of pictures that help describe our trip to The Big Apple?

Let me start off by saying that this by far was one of the most thrilling/eye opening weeks of my life.
It was like I was in a whole new world. People were actually walking on the sidewalks, there were buildings all around us, and there were stores that I loved on every corner (compared to Arizona, where I have to drive 45 minutes to get to a mall that has all the stores I like). The subway, don't even get me started. That in itself makes me feel like I'm traveling to the Ministry of Magic. Let's just say that if I had the choice I would move in with Estee and Jeremy in there 12 in by 12 in apartment and forget school. It's like a dream-land.

so like, enjoy the photos yo.

Central Park:

Us waiting on the corner of the street trying to see them shoot a scene of Gossip Girls:

take me back!


m.estelle said...

i'll take you bake any time bebe!

kittrean tanner said...

Wow! GREAT entry! xoxoxo