Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unloading the Rest!

My journal entrys in a nutshell:

We went to go see the 9/11 memorial! We waited in line, then waited in line some more, went through what felt like airport security and got to see the place where one of the most tragic events in my lifetime took place. Only a couple weeks before I had heard a detailed account of what exactly happened on that day, whereas before I only knew the basics. Such a horrible horrible event, and the memorial was amazing...
but this was the only picture I managed to take. I'm a weenie.

We went to HOBOKIN!
and if you go to Hobokin, New Jersey that means one thing and one thing only.

Not that he was there... nor were his sisters. Just regular average human beings who are not on tv shows and who got up for work just like 50% of the people living in New Jersey. But was this a let down? NO. Did I wake everyone up really early and say that we had to get there because there would be a line down the block before it even opened? Yes i did do that. Was there people even waiting in line in the shop? No. BUT IT STILL WAS JUST LIKE I ALWAYS DREAMED and was definitely not even close to letting me down. I had a cookie that about melted my taste buds because of it's deliciousness, we got to experience a little part of New Jersey and we got to see New York from across the river which was beautiful! (and very polluted but still beautiful.)

Estee was the tour guide for our whole trip but she was really tested when she tried to get us to the flee market that was going down in Brooklyn. Once we finally got there we found a lot of cool stuff!

On the same day of the flee market we decided to make the journey across the Brooklyn Bridge on a whim. It was oh so beautiful! The skyline of the city was jaw dropping and it really captured the New York you see in the movies.

and that concludes the summation/documentary of our wonderful most spectacular most amazing trip to 

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Tyson French said...

Cannot get enough of you! You are my favorite. Love these pictures!!!